Harness the Power of Epigenetics and Nutrition for Your Health


Reliv is in its 30th year and since its founding it has been a company that is always on the cutting edge. Now, Reliv has identified the first nutritional ingredient found to work at the epigenetic level to promote optimal health. It does this by turning switches of unhealthy genes off and healthy ones on. This ingredient is called Lunasin and the man who discovered lunasin’s impact on epigenetics and nutrition in 1998 at UC Berkley and was honored to give it its name was Dr Alfredo Galvez. On July 24, 2013 Reliv acquired exclusive rights to market and sell the superfood lunasin. Lunasin has been discussed in 50 published papers from over 25 research institutions. They have demonstrated lunasin's ability to support:


Cholesterol management

  • Inflammation reduction

  • Antioxidant benefits

  • Improved immunity

  • Overall cellular health

  • Heart health


Reliv LunaRich Now Supports Heart and Full-Body Health

The list of benefits of LunaRich keeps growing. LunaRich is patented and is the only nutritional ingredient to fully harness the health-boosting power of lunasin. It is a non-GMO soy bean variety with the highest known concentration of lunasin. The process of the proprietary manufacturing technologies maintains lunasin's bioactivity. It is a product unlike anything else available today.

The science of epigenetics is now hitting the mainstream health and wellness market and nutritional epigenetics is now following. Preventative health care is exploding and will increase. You can now direct your DNA naturally through nutrition. No other products are poised to fill this market need like Reliv LunaRich Now, a plant-based protein shake that is full of the incredible benefits of LunaRich, supporting heart health, a healthy immune system and more.

What about people who are allergic to soy, can they toke LunaRich X?

Studies done in Europe on people with soy allergies have shown that the soy albumin fraction in which lunasin is found does not cause allergic reactions. However, we cannot generalize for all soy allergy sufferers, so caution should be practiced. A quick way to test is to put a small portion under the tongue and monitor for any allergic reactions. We recommend you consult your physician if you have any history of food allergies.

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