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Check out “Opportunity Presentation Suite Video” from Reliv International on Vimeo.


The video is available for your viewing pleasure at:


If want to improve your health or finances and you like this video, make sure to contact me at:!

What products to start on

My suggestion for starting on the Reliv products would be to watch the above video and then call me to order RELIV NOW OR CLASSIC or KIDS NOW if a baby or child 12 or under and LUNARICHX or INNERGIZE.  Call me with any questions.  When you receive your order call me so I can help you with how and when to take the products. I will be your coach (this is included in the price of the products, so don't hesitate to contact me.  I love helping people.  480 231-4149 or .

If you have heard of Reliv from another Reliv Distributor you should contact that Distributor for further information